Friday, July 22, 2016

Chances "R" There's A Restaurant

Sunday my daughter and son-in-law set out on the three day trip from Portland, OR to drive to Iowa to visit us and attend our family's Christmas in July. West of Lincoln, NE, they saw a sign for the Chances "R" Restaurant and Lounge in York, NE. Ken said, "We've got to go there."

It is a sign I have seen many times over the years, but I never took the time to drive the few miles off I-80 to check it out. It has always been one of those stops I was going to make .... someday.

The above photo is of the beautiful window in the restaurant door. The hostess offered to seat Kari & Ken when they walked in, but they explained they weren't there to eat, but that their Mom had a blog titled Chances R and they just had to stop and check out the restaurant for me.

The hostess could not have been any nicer. She gave them copies of their brochure, menu and a post card. I love all the stained glass in the 'Hob Nob Lounge' - the bottom photo on the post card.
From the brochure: "It's a Tradition - For over 40 years, this family owned restaurant has steadfastly upheld a tradition for outstanding cuisine and modest prices. If you're in the area for business, vacation or "just passin' through," visit us for a delightful dining experience and "Chances R" you'll return again."

I've already put this spot on my destination list for the next time we are headed that way. I've been studying the menu trying to decide what I'll order when I get there. For sure a salad with one of their "R" Homemade Salad Dressings, probably the Bleu Cheese, and a Big "R" Burger or a Chances "R" Club. I know I wouldn't have room for a "Final Fling", but I could always get my Cheesecake 'to go'.

Chances are this restaurant was named for the same reason I chose my blog title - because of a first or last name beginning with R and that the idiom chances are (the likelihood is) can be followed by one's choice of what is likely. For the restaurant, one of the Chances R as quoted above is that you'll return again, for me, it was "Chances R if you are reading this......"

I am so glad my very thoughtful son-in-law said, "We've got to go there,", because now I know, "I've got to go there!"

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