Saturday, November 28, 2015

Great Grandson Jack's First Birthday

When my sixth great grandchild was born a year ago I wasn't surprised it was another boy. He was my fifth great-grandson with only one great-granddaughter. What surprised me was his name - Jack. Jack? with brothers named Ridge and Sawyer? Not even Jackson? Just Jack? The little fella turned one today and we went to his party.

Jack with his hands in his pumpkin cake. Pumpkins were the theme of the party and as you can in the next photo, mommy Paullina wore her pumpkin slippers.

I thought one of his cutest gifts was bouncing Tigger and from the oohs, aahs and giggles, many others felt the same way.

Like most kids, Jack's favorite toy wasn't a toy at all - it was an empty milk jug. His grandma explained that when he and his little cousin, who is one week short of being the exact same age, are together at her house, milk jugs are what they like to play with. I thought it was a cute gift to include in the box with his real present from her.

My grandson Brock with his oldest son, Ridge and holding Jack. When we first got there Sawyer was still asleep on the floor behind them. The party was in the lodge at Sportsman's Park in Dawson.

Sawyer still wasn't too wide awake when we took this photo with his Grandpa Doug and me.

Ridge has really grown since the last time we saw him a year and half ago. Unfortunately his mother doesn't always let him go with his dad and step-mother, so we don't often see him. It is always a treat when we do.

Sunset on the way home. I spoke too soon after yesterday's post - Thanksgiving Week wasn't over yet.

Now I can say, it truly was a week of giving thanks.

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