Monday, November 16, 2015

A Horse With No Name

This story would have been part of the November 8 post about Kentucky but I didn't have the photos for it. They surfaced this weekend so consider this an addendum to the "Taking a Sunday Drive #1" blog.
There was a stable near one of the places we stayed and I decided I wanted to go on a trail ride. I paid my fee and was directed to get on one of the ugliest horses I had ever seen. I told the woman I didn't want that horse. I want that horse and pointed to this pretty little mare.
We went back and forth a few times with her insisting I get on the big, ugly gelding and me insisting I wanted the brown horse. Finally I said, "Okay, just give me back my money and I won't ride today." So she relented and let me have my way. I don't know what the horse's name was, I called her "Brown Beauty".

It was a beautiful setting for a trail ride as well as a very nice day. These other photos were taken on that trip and go along with some of the things I mentioned on the blog of the 8th.

Our campsite at The Land Between the Lakes

Close-up of the Mimosa Tree

Buffalo near "The Homeplace"

Cumberland Falls

Atop Cumberland Gap looking out and down

Cabins inside Fort Boonesborough 

Inside the rebuilt fortification at Fort Boonesborough. Bud is watching the blacksmith working at the forge. The reconstructed site features exhibits and demonstrations by people in period dress. It lies next to the Kentucky River. The Kentucky River Museum is also within this park. It occupies the former lock operator's home next to one of the fourteen locks on the river.

Lastly, a confession about my trail ride, something I've never told anyone before: By the time we were halfway through the trail ride I understood why the horse wrangler (in blue shirt above) was so insistent that I ride the other horse - this little brown mare was too worn out for me to be riding her. She barely made it back to the barn with me on board. I was sorry I hadn't listened to the woman. If she had told me her reason for not wanting me on this horse I would have agreed to ride another one. We were both at fault that day.

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