Friday, October 23, 2015

Sally, Susie and a 1993 Pace Picante Commercial

I know I've mentioned before how much I love maps - have since I was a child. I've always been pretty good at navigating but the roads in the Northeast go willy-nilly. They aren't laid out in the familiar Midwestern square miles. In other words, it is easy to get turned around. Plus we were going to be driving in some heavily populated areas. Bud decided to buy a Garmin GPS Navigator for the trip. I lost my job to Susie.
Susie? Well, since the Honda's name is Sally Hemings, we decided the GPS would be Susie Garmin. Sally and I get along fine. She likes it when I do the driving. Susie and I on the other hand have a love/hate relationship. (It has a lot to do with my being replaced by her.) My opinion is: she isn't always right - just as I am sometimes incorrect in my direction giving.
I did my share of driving from Newport to Long Island. Bud and Susie took over before we crossed the RFK-Triborough Bridge over the East River.
Still raining. Traffic going in on a Friday afternoon wasn't as bad as the traffic leaving. Susie, Sally & Bud got us safely to our hotel.
The Verve (part of the Choice Hotels chain) in Long Island City - about ten minutes from Mark's apartment.
So Susie directed us to our hotel....
...but she failed to keep Sally from 'kissing' the wall on a tight turn down into the basement parking. (3,628 miles on this trip and this was the only mishap.)
Not to worry. Bud had her looking almost as good as new after we got home.
While I shot a moody, misty photo of the view from our third floor window....
......Bud chatted online with Mark to let him know "We're here!" Mark had to work late and we were tired from the rainy drive.  We opted for an early night.
Tomorrow we'd 'take Manhattan' as Bud said on Facebook. I never ever thought I would be in New York City.

"New York City?! Get a rope!"

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