Monday, October 19, 2015

Little Falls and Ilion in the Mohawk River Valley

"You can't judge a book by its cover" and you shouldn't choose overnight accommodations by pictures on the internet. Enough said about our third night on the road.
However the next day made up for it. The motel in which we stayed was the only one on the trip that didn't have a free breakfast, so our first stop after checking out was the nearby McDonald's. After that we began our search for the Little Falls of Little Falls.
The falls are not marked in any way. I had found directions on a website from some other traveler. ("Park in the practice field parking lot. Go around the left side of the bath house, past the swimming pool. Look for a faint path into the woods.") They were worth the wandering around looking for the practice field and the short hike through some woods. Very pretty.
Ten miles from Little Falls is Ilion, New York home to the Remington firearms plant and museum. The receptionist was very welcoming, the museum was free and this large R set in the floor of the lobby is polished daily.
The gun displays were many, varied and awesome. In addition to the guns were original artworks collected by family members.
Like this one, "Portrait of a Gentleman" by F.X. Leyendecker. As well as examples of other Remington products:
Wouldn't Mike Wolf (American Pickers) love to find one of these?
Early Remington sewing machine and typewriter and plate from one of the bridges they manufactured.
Remington Knife and Cash Register. The history of the company was most interesting to me.
Parker Shotgun and Ledger Books. Ledgers were kept for each Parker Shotgun produced.
                      Famous Guns Display.
Rolling Block Rifles - "The Gun That Went West".
Percussion Firearms and the history of Remington Arms display case.
The souvenir I really, really wanted to bring home with me.
And the one that I did - my pretty pink hat with a white R on it. This is the first cap I've ever had that actually fits me. You might notice it in some of our Central Park photos when I get those posted. I also came home with a green ball point pen with a R on it.

One last photo as we left the museum:
We really enjoyed this museum "Where the history of a company tells the history of a country".

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