Friday, October 30, 2015

30th Anniversary Celebration Trip

End of September, first part of October a trip of more than 3,500 miles for two equally important reasons: 1) to see our son and his partner in New York; 2) to cross those last few states off our 'lower 48 list'. Somewhere along the line we decided this nearly two-week-long trip would also be dubbed as "celebrating our 30th anniversary" - even though that's not until November 19.
It might have been while we were in Niagara Falls when we decided to call it that, which reminds me of this photo of Canadian money I received in change while there. The $5 note is Canada's smallest bill and feature's the likeness of former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier (1896-1911). What is so interesting about their 'paper' money is that it's not paper. It has a plastic-like feel and is almost indestructible (and washable). How long before the U.S. catches on to this? The shiny part to the right is a hologram of the PM and a building on Parliament Hill (Mackenzie Tower). The coin on the left is a Loonie ($1) and on the right a Toonie, or Twoonie ($2).

After leaving Gettysburg we drove back down into Maryland to scenic I-68. It was while on this road I saw something I'd never seen before - the opposite side of the interstate was closed down due to:
an oversize load. This photo is of two other large loads we saw - like to know what was under those wraps. The one that closed the interstate was MUCH LARGER and had all kinds of official vehicles escorting it. Traffic behind it was at a standstill for miles. Would really like to know what was being transported that was so important to close an interstate in the middle of the day and command so many highway patrol cars as escorts.

Because we did not know how long we would stay at Gettysburg, we hadn't pre-booked a room for the night. Finally decided to stop in Morgantown, WV and found a room at an older, but nice, Best Western. It didn't have a hot tub but it did have an indoor salt water pool - a first for me.
Leaving WV and headed back into PA for awhile. Morning mist rising from the hollers.
Back in WV again, crossing the Ohio River at Wheeling. Did you know part of Wheeling was built on an island? Neither did I.
Last night on the road. Settled in to our suite and enjoying a glass of wine. The points we had earned with my Choice Hotels membership were enough for a free suite at Comfort Inn & Suites in Urbana, IL. We are used to free breakfasts at our hotels while traveling but this was the first time we had ever been told there was a complimentary light supper for guests. And we had a hot tub and pool - a nice way to end our trip.
Beautiful sunrise as we left Urbana. Only 373 miles to home.
Crossing the Great River Bridge over the Mississippi and into IOWA. So glad they replaced the old Highway 34 bridge into Burlington. It was scary to cross.
HOME. One of the sweetest words. Looks like the impatiens survived. 30/100's of an inch of rain in the gauge while we were gone. Time to unpack, do laundry, grocery shop - adjust back into the real world.
What a wonderful trip it was - high on the best trip list.

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