Thursday, October 22, 2015

Maine, Massachusetts and Newport RI

Concord, NH was where we overnighted the last day of September. Only one more night before we made the final push to NYC and that would be in Newport, Rhode Island. Thursday would be a day of driving and crossing Maine and Massachusetts off our lower 48 list.
The only photo taken October 1 - crossing a river, possibly the Merrimac - with just a little blue sky peaking through.
Newport was to include a stroll on the Cliff Walk, alas it was yet another rainy, stormy day so we did the Ocean Drive instead after driving past some of the famous Newport mansions.
The waves were washing across the avenue in areas. I tried to get a picture of them doing just that but didn't quite capture it.
Another view of ocean, rocks and waves crashing. We had talked of taking the ferry over to Block Island but no way was I going seafaring on such a day!
Bud and I had seen the Newport Tower featured in two or three of the history programs we watch. One of them purported the tower to be Pre-Colombian built by Medieval Scottish Knights Templar. It was on our list of 'must sees' even in the rain.
Four of the supporting columns are aligned with the four cardinal directions and some of the window openings do have astronomical alignments including the summer solstice.
The Newport Tower, also known as Round Tower, Touro Tower, Newport Stone Tower and Old Stone Mill, is now accepted as being the remains of a windmill built in the 17th Century by Benedict Arnold, first colonial governor of Rhode Island and great-grandfather of General Benedict Arnold.
Regardless of the provenance, the Touro Tower, located in Touro Park, was a memorable stop - even in the rain.

Leaving Newport via the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge connecting to Jamestown on Conanicut Island thence to Long Island. The adventure continues. Or has it just begun???

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