Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 4-19/4-25

Sunday - Rainy, foggy, chilly, which my previous blog was about. Later in the week I clipped some of those 'delicate, star-petaled' plum blossoms so I could smell their 'timeless perfume' for myself.

Monday - 95/100's" of rain over the weekend. Took Maisie and Hamish back to the Library and got Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Ian Rutledge.
Activated the new card Discover sent to replace the one I had "Because we recently learned your Discover card account information might have been compromised. No Discover card systems were involved in this incident." Hm-m. Wonder if using any card is safe anymore?

 Photo of the tortured Redbud tree I see on the way to the Library. (Orange sign is advertising garden tilling.) Even though much of the tree has died and been cut down, this one old limb survives to put forth its spring finery.

Tuesday - Ian's and Nicholas' birthdays. Nicholas is 13 - a teenager! The oldest grand-nephew of the five I have.
NFM called requesting additional pictures of the mattress and box springs. Tore the bed apart again. 

Sure sign of spring seen at the grocery store:

The garden hoop is up and plants are in. See the hanging baskets of fuchsia in the lower right corner? I had only known them as delicate potted annuals until 1994.

When I went to Ireland and saw them growing as hedges all along the by-ways in the coastal southwest. These are wild flower shrubs there - not delicate at all. I took this picture in County Kerry near Sneem, Ireland.

Wednesday - The 45th anniversary of Earth Day! I planted some radish and spinach seeds as well as potting some herbs in the old mailbox from the farm. I use it for herbs every year.

Oregano and rosemary with room in the right corner for basil - when it is warm enough! Still a chance for frost tonight!
A female Grosbeak at the feeder this morning. I'm still watching for her mate. This is the picture I took of him last year:

Thursday - My first thought was "this should have happened yesterday (Earth Day)" when I saw Mama Goose coaxing this year's babies out of the nest. But Mamas always knows best.

Had to wait awhile to get a picture of them on the water. Surprised to find only two babies this year. There are usually six or seven. I wonder why only two?
Back to the Library again to pick up my adopted author's new book, The Dream Lover. I didn't even know Elizabeth Berg had a new book out this year. It looks interesting - about George Sand (Aurore Dupin).  I still remember when I first learned that 'George Sand' was a woman. I have so many good books to read in the next couple of weeks. Good thing it is rainy and cold!

Friday - Woke up with my left knee really hurting. If it was like this all the time I would be scheduling that replacement surgery. Went ahead and went to the Y to walk anyway - with my knee supports on.

These are some of the azaleas along the side of the Y building. There are also many flowering trees in bloom in the Memory Trees area. The building itself may be nondescript, but the grounds are pretty.
NFM called. They are replacing our mattress and box springs at no charge! That's the good news. The bad news is they won't be delivered here until the end of May.

Perhaps I should have taken it as a good sign when I noticed the examples they showed for how to take the needed photos was of  the same mattress we had!

I brought in some white lilacs from the bush next door as well as a little bouquet of grape hyacinths and mertensia bluebells.

The perks of spring - fresh flowers in abundance. The rocks are some my brother-in-law brought me from his hounding forays in the Arizona desert this winter.

Saturday - Awake at 5 to the sound of rain falling gently on the roof. Knee feels much better. I'm hoping the weather clears and warms before evening. Tonight is Dominique's and Devin's prom in Winterset.

This is a photo of Dominique taken before last year's prom. Her Mom, Shalea, always takes such good photos. Can't wait to see ones from this year.

And that is the week that was......

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