Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 4-12/4-18

Sunday - Watched Jordan Spieth set record and win the 79th Masters Tournament. We've become quite the golf fans. There are always good back stories pertaining to the players and the Augusta National Golf Club course is gorgeous. Love the azaleas.

Monday - Went to the Y and to the Library. Got the new Maisie Dobbs, A Dangerous Place, Yay! No secret, I adore this woman. Brought in a bouquet of daffodils.

Tuesday - Fun on Facebook. I posted this picture:

with the notation that I had 'captured' a photo of a bobcat! in our back yard. Bud mowed the yard for the first time this season.

Wednesday - Maxine's 97th birthday party in Mt. Ayr. I helped serve the beautiful and yummy cake.

I have great admiration for this remarkable woman. I'm so fortunate to have met her and become her friend.

Thursday - Learned that Mom's cousin, Doris, fell and broke her leg. Went to the hospital to see her after the Y. Had a momentary scare when I was directed to her room and it was in the intensive care unit. Looked into the room and saw her oldest son Bobby first and then saw Doris sitting up in the chair. She looked great for having had two rods plus pins put in her leg and hip.

Bobby, Doris, Kenny and Mike at her 90th birthday last November
I had a very nice visit with Bob & his Mom. It is a treat for me to be with Mom's last surviving cousin. It may be because Mom always talked about growing up with her Haley cousins or because I grew up knowing them from the Ridnour Cousins Reunions, whatever the reason(s) I always have a strong feeling of connection and belonging.

It was such a nice afternoon that we decided it was time to get last year's leaves raked and the flower beds cleaned off. I raked off most of the ones on the south side of the house.

While Bud did the entire north side as well as hauling off nine plus bags of leaves. As he says: "And, it's not even our tree!" The Mertensia, or Virginia Bluebells are about ready to bloom. I always call them Mertensia because that is how Grandma Ridnour referred to them. I wish I could say these were from the ones she gave Mom, but I forgot to dig any of those up to transplant here when we moved. So I got these from Kristi when they bought Lulu's house. I still think of Grandma when I see them, though.

Friday - Took some pictures on my way home from the Y to use in my National Haiku Poetry Day blog. This was one of the magnolia blossoms in McKinley Park that I particularly liked. If the Civil War monument near the flags in the background had shown up better, I had in mind working out a Haiku with a comparison between falling petals and fallen soldiers.

When we first moved here almost seven years ago, I admired the lovely grove of pine trees across the street. At that time there were a few trees that were dying from the pine beetle infestation. In the ensuing years, more and more trees have died and have been cut down. The grove will eventually cease to exist. Next it will be the ash trees as our county was among the state's first identified as having the emerald ash borer. 

Saturday - Decided to tackle the onus of jumping through the hoops necessary to hopefully get our mattress replaced under warranty. This involved taking many photos including one of the supporting frame. That meant taking the bed completely apart. Naturally I cleaned under it while it was dismantled. That led to a whole house vacuuming and dusting. Not that it needed it. Ha! Taking the bed apart and putting it back wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, thanks to Bud's help.

Last night we ran the air conditioning for the first time this year. This morning I had all the windows open letting in lovely fresh air. This afternoon the rain has moved in. A perfect afternoon to finish my Maisie Dobbs book and call it a week.   This is the week that was. 

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