Friday, April 17, 2015

National Haiku Poetry Day

As noted once before in this blog, July 29, 2010, I really like poetry. As today is National Haiku Poetry Day, I thought I would try writing a few Haikus.

This was my first of the day - one I put on Facebook as a challenge for my FB friends:

Plum thicket blossoms
Tossed by the clickety-clack
Of the passing train

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. It is a 17 syllable verse form consisting of  three metrical units of five, seven, five syllables. Images from nature are often used in Haiku. It also emphasizes simplicity, intensity and directness of expression. In other words, a successful Haiku gets across an idea with minimum words and maximum impact.

Here are a couple poems I happened upon when I googled Haiku Images:

These were apparently used in connection with new designs for Moleskine notebooks.
In silent dreaming
Remaining still where we are
We travel so far

I liked them so well I copied them in my Moleskine Daily Life Journal.
Words fall like leaves
Onto the empty white page
A story appears

My own poem with regard to Moleskine products:
I dare not go there
Temptation to indulge in
More journals too great

Magnolia petals
Falling invoke spring desire
Memories dormant

Last year chasing Spring
South to glimpse redbud's delight
This season nearby

Stately pine tree grove
Victim of pine borers' lust
One-by-one you die

The End

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