Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Booty

Even though I tell them "don't get me anything", my kids seldom listen to me. (Hm-m...a holdover from their childhoods?)

I always get a laugh out of my stepson's cards. That's his on the left with a Mother's Day Tip - "Empty wine bottles always come in handy when you need a vase for your flowers." Mark knows me well. Inside he writes loving sentiments which never fail to melt my heart.

Preston's card is next - from both him and Shalea. It came with the 'R' bookmark, a Walmart gift card, which I will use for plants and a Half Price Books gift card. I have several books on my 'want to read' list which neither of my libraries has. I can't wait to go to the city and browse.

I pictured Kari's card in the previous blog post which is why it is half-hidden in the back. Included with the card was the newly released El Dorado CD by a friend and former band mate of her husband's. (More about this in another post.)

She also planted this tiered stand at her home in Portland - her "Mother's Day project for Ramona" saying "Digging in the dirt and planting herbs and flowers always makes me feel close to my Mom." Ah, what a sweet sentiment and nice to know every time she snips some herbs, she will think of me.

The card on the right is a blank card Doug and Shelly brought back from their Caribbean vacation . It is from an original water color by a St. John artist called "Portal to Paradise". Shelly thought I might want to frame it - a reminder of my own long-ago trip to the Islands.

And, to carry on what has become a tradition, they brought me a beautiful hanging planter.

However, my best Mother's Day gifts were intangible. Doug gave me the good news that his last ENT appointment was 'great'. His Doctor said "I can't believe how fast you have healed in your throat." After the next time, he will only have to go for check ups every six months. That's a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

And Shelly shared this with me about my son: At one of his recent remodeling jobs, he learned that the homeowner had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Knowing first hand what it is like to receive that kind of news, Douglas discreetly donated his time on the project so the owner only had to pay for the materials. I'm so glad Shelly shared this as Doug would never have mentioned it.

In my last post, I admitted that I have always felt like I wasn't a very good mother. But now I know I must have done a few things right. 

 It was a wonderful Mother's Day! Every day is if you have children like mine!

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  1. Wonderful news about Doug! And a lovely gesture from him to another cancer sufferer. Love my big bro!