Saturday, May 6, 2017

In Honor of My Dad

My Dad, Louis, was born 100 years ago today. This house is the one he was born in. My Grandmother, Bessie, put an X next to the window and had written on the back of the photo that that was the room where he was born.
The interesting thing, to me, is that although the family lived on many different farms in two different counties, Dad spent the majority of his life - all the years of his & Mom's marriage - just three miles from this house where he was born.

An early photo of Dad with his parents, George and Bessie. The woman on the left is his Aunt Ruby - Grandma's sister-in-law.

Dad with his little sister, Leona. He was eight years old when she was born. He had another sister, Evelyn, born when he was six, but she only lived four days.

Dad's sixth grade photo. The family moved from Highland School area in Adams County to Spaulding School area in Taylor County when he was in 6th grade.

Dad, Mom, my older brother Ron and me as a baby. This was taken at a relative's home at a dinner for some of Dad's cousins who were home on leave during WWII.

Dad and Mom with Grandma Bessie in back, Aunt Leona and Uncle Al sitting in front. Picture was taken at Grandma's acreage on the west edge of Corning.

Filling the jug with water at the spring during a family trip to Illinois in 1947. Me, Dad and Ron in back, Mom and little sis, Betty, in front.

One of my favorite pictures - Dad holding his first grandchild, my son Douglas. Doug's dad, Kenny looking on. (Fall, 1962)

Another favorite photo of Dad and Mom in 1967. I call this one "looking at love".

The year I was a senior in high school, fall of 1960, my favorite photo of Dad and me.

One final picture, one I've never shared before. It may not look like I am honoring my Father by showing him in such high jinks, but Dad did have a wicked sense of humor.

And he was really cutting up on the day this photo was taken. I'm uncertain of the identity of the woman. Grandma had written on the back "Louis and Beulah". Dad's Uncle Lawrence's wife's name was Beulah, but I don't know if she's the one pictured.

One hundred years sounds a long time and Dad has been dead for thirty-nine years, yet it seems no time at all. Happy 100th, Father.


  1. Mom, these photos are such treasures! In the picture at the spring, I think you look a lot like Lorrie. I've never seen the "look of love" photo before; it's so sweet! And Grandpa's chicken legs in the last photo make me laugh. It's good to see him being young and silly.

    1. Yeah, why couldn't I have inherited the shape of Dad's legs as well as the length? I do love the old photos and enjoy sharing them. Your comment about Lorrie looking like me (or vice versa) is interesting. I'll have to look at more photos for similarities.