Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thinking About Bridges

You don't think about bridges much until they aren't there. Then you realize the necessity and convenience of a structure that carries a road or path across a stream a river or any other obstacle.

Late last summer Adams Street which runs on the North side of Lake McKinley was closed so this bridge, which was built in 1940, could be replaced. I rather liked the appearance of the old bridge and wondered what the replacement would look like.
The new bridge and repaved street were supposed to be opened two days ago. The opening has been delayed a week due to weather. Weather which has been nothing but rainy for days, so who knows if the projected opening happens or is delayed yet again? I'm certain all the people who use the street for their daily commute will be happy when it is opened.

This is the new bridge. I rather like its appearance also. The new structure includes a pedestrian walkway along the south side of the bridge. This will make it safer for the many people who like to walk around the lake, which includes hubby dearest.

Crossing small bridges like this one does not bother me, but, as I've written about before, crossing on larger bridges has always caused me fear. When my son, Preston, gave me a 2017 calendar from his place of work, I thought it was ironic it was of fourteen bridges. The photographs are beautiful and it was fun to figure out how many of those bridges I have crossed. (Three: Manhattan Bridge, NYC; Claiborne Pell Bridge, Newport, RI; and Fremont Bridge, Portland, OR)

Of the 'Top Ten Most Beautiful Bridges in the World', I've only been across two: San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and New York City's Brooklyn Bridge.

There are also sayings about bridges, like "Don't burn your bridges behind you.", which means don't do something in your life which would cut off other options from being done.

My favorite is "Love can build a bridge" from the Judd's song of the same name. "Love can build a bridge between your heart and mine. Love can build a bridge, don't you think it's time?"

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