Friday, April 21, 2017

A Porch Poem

I read this poem a few days ago. It really resonated. Therefore, in order to keep it where I can easily read again and again, I'm parking it here. I hope the author doesn't mind.

(Back Porch on Fourth Street)

This Dark Porch

This dark porch
has brimmed
with light
like a bowl with water
like a throat with laughter

afternoons of light
years of afternoons
scintillating dawns
flagrant noons
underwater-green dusks

and nights
dark and late
lit by candles, hands,
eyes with the leap
that's the life
we've come for,
what we carry
down the spill of years,
what carries us, what
meets us in the end
and on the way
in each other.
     (Catherine Abbey Hodges)

Oh, if only I could write a poem such as this. Maybe in another life?

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