Monday, February 8, 2016

Remember When We Used To Do This?

Holy Guacamole! Did you have chips and guac during the Super Bowl last evening? I was an adult before I ever ate an avocado (or guacamole). At least I don't remember ever having any as a child. This is what I remember my mother doing after she started using avocados:

She showed me that you could take the avocado pit and sprout it and then pot it for a house plant. I have done this several times over the years, but not recently. I decided to try it again.

With luck, mine should look like this in about two months. Then I can put it in a pot of soil and have a houseplant. I know not all of the seeds I did this with in the past sprouted because I can remember being discouraged a time or two.

Mom had such a green thumb. I imagine all of the avocado seeds she tried grew into plants.
I looked for a photo of all her houseplants in the south kitchen window, but didn't find one. So here is one of her and the chicken pen full of hollyhocks.

Avocados, also known as alligator pears, are one of the 'super foods'. Their nutrient value is very high. They have more potassium than a banana. They may even help relieve arthritis symptoms.

I actually get a craving for an avocado every once in awhile. I usually eat one in a salad or just plain. I cut it in half, take out the pit and then eat it with a spoon. Sometimes I pour a little salad dressing in the bowl where the pit was. I can remember eating them this way when Green Goddess was my favorite salad dressing. Mmm.

I'll let you know if I'm successful raising an avocado plant on my windowsill.

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