Wednesday, February 24, 2016

100+ Year-Old Photos

I feel privileged to have these old family photos and happy to share them.

They are all postcards, which seems to have been popular in those days.
Here are three Means cousins. Delphia left, Blanche right and Jessie in front.
Note the hats - all with feathers although Grandma's white ones don't show up too well. These girls were stylin' for their photo.
I didn't crop this picture because I wanted the raised edges to show. "Taken February 27, 1915" is written on the back. Almost exactly 101 years ago! Grandma would have been almost 19 years old.

Another Means relative, Grandma's cousin Lloyd. I don't remember hearing about this cousin. I need to do some research, but I believe he was the son of Samuel Means. This is one postcard which was used. He wrote to Grandma: "Howdy Cuz, I was sure glad to hear from you. I always like to hear from the folks. You know this is a photo of my big fat self, now I want one of you, C. Ans soon." ( I think the capital C stood for Cousin and Ans is short for answer. And this was way before texting shorthand!)
The postmark is too faded to read except for OCT, but I know it was before 1916 because it is addressed to Miss Delphia Means, Corning, Iowa.

When I first saw the above postcard photo, I assumed it was another one of Grandpa Joe - until I read the back. This one is for sure Grandpa because it is noted on the back.

It is dated October 4th, '14. It wasn't mailed, but Grandma's name and address are on the right side. It looks to me like that is in Grandma's handwriting. On the left, 'correspondence here' section is simply 'J.R. Ridnour' and that is written, I'm almost certain, in Grandpa's hand.

Another of Grandpa Joe and his team and buggy. No date or names on this one and I can't see the two women in the buggy very well, but I think they are his sisters, Florence and Lottie.
There is no doubt that is Grandpa laying on the ground with the big smile on his face. I have heard he was very proud of his team and he certainly looks proud and happy in this photo.

Tomorrow some more old photos - but only 99 years old.

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