Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 7/5-7/11

Sunday - I've never been a big soccer fan. I don't understand many of the rules.
But I really, really enjoyed watching the USA win the World Cup by defeating Japan 5-2.

Monday - Rained around 11 and again about 4 - just in time for a rainy trip to the Farmer's Market. 1.35" total.
Flower photos today included some of the Queen Anne's Lace draped across the walk on the north side of our house. (Growing in the flower bed of the empty house which is most likely the only reason they are there.) I know most people consider these a weed, but I love to see them along the country roads and in pastures.
They are one of the first wild flowers I learned to identify. My mother showed me the reason they are also known as wild carrot by pulling some and having me sniff the roots. What she didn't tell me - and may not have known - was that an infusion made from the seeds was a folk remedy to inhibit pregnancy. Bird's nest and bishop's lace are other names for this plant. The reddish black center is said to represent a drop of blood where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle while making the lace.
There is no discernible fragrance to the flowers which, in my opinion, is the only thing that could make them any more lovely.

Tuesday - A day of exploration. When I left the Y I drove north on the Green Valley Park road until I passed Prairie Lawn Cemetery when I turned east. After several miles I turned back south on Ivy intending to hit the REA Road back to Wallace Road thence back to town. On the corner of Ivy and REA Road was this sign:
I had heard of this cemetery but did not know its location. A lovely day to explore.
Most of the grave stones are broken off. These two are the best preserved. They are the markers for William McKnight (1807-1875) and his wife, Jane A. Garriott McKnight (1814-1892). I find an abundance of peace in cemeteries. I like walking them and reading grave stones. It tempts me to join the Find A Grave organization.

This afternoon's photo of apricot lilies goes perfectly with ...
This evening's setting sun and apricot sky.

Wednesday - The day's have been unusually cool so far this week. Did some laundry and straightening in the office, including shredding. Trying to not let it get so built up like I usually do. Started the day feeling good and then got depressed. The only pictures today were of a lone deer at the edge of the field across the pond. First one I've seen in quite a while.
So here is a picture from yesterday's adventure:
I tend to think of bottle trees as a southern tradition, most likely because I first encountered bottle trees in books or movies set in the south. I always wanted to make my own bottle tree and thought I would when we moved back home to the family farm. Alas, I never did. They still fascinate me though. There are several bottle trees on this property - as well as several no trespassing signs.

Thursday - Talked to Dougie to learn that he is still doing okay with his treatments - some 'burning' from the radiation and loss of hearing from the chemo, but still able to eat, talk, work and josh with the personnel at the cancer center. Maybe that is why I was down yesterday - just needed to talk to my son.

It also helped to see this picture on Facebook:
Greyson is ten days old. He looks so much older in this photo. I think he is blowing a raspberry at great grandma R. Can't wait to see him in person and hold him.

Friday - A lovely surprise to start the day - the volunteer sunflower has bloomed:
"Bring me the Sunflower crazed with the love of light." (Eugenio Montale) Was it planted by a bird or did a raiding squirrel hide a seed in my flower bed?

Not to be upstaged - the Lemon Lilies are also in their prime.

Had to stop at the bank. Went through the drive-up so I could see my lovely niece. Wanted to remind her of the upcoming family get-together. It was a good thing I did because I hadn't yet told her about it! Looking forward to having her, her daughter, and her dad (pictured here with Kristi) with us in two weeks.
She told me they have moved to their property in the country, living in 'the shed' until/if the house is built. She also said they had thousands of dollars in damage from a hail storm last month which surprised me as they are only about four miles south of us and we haven't had any hail. Luckily.

Saturday - Woke up to rain and some lightning and thunder. Another 1.35" here. Very humid.

I've been a fan of Charlaine Harris' Aurora Teagarden mysteries for some time. A Bone to Pick is the second book in the series which I read years ago, but it is the first to be made into a movie for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. I recorded it a couple weeks ago but just watched it today. It wasn't bad. In fact I think I'll set the next one to record.

A final flower photo....I have been 'going to' plant zinnias for years and finally did this year. They were a favorite stand-by of my Grandma Bessie's. I imagine she saved the seeds each year. Hers were always in mixed colors.
Mine, so far are all in shades of pink. Such happy little unprepossessing flowers.

This is the week that was.

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