Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 7/12-7/18

Sunday - Great-grandson Sawyer's second birthday. He is such a handsome lad.
As all Grandmas say: "How do they grow so fast? Sawyer is my grandson Brock's second son.

Monday - Great-grandson Ridge's sixth birthday. Sixth! Ridge is the first of my great-grandchildren; Brock's first son.
This photo of Ridge and Sawyer was taken at last year's birthday party. Unfortunately we do not get to see Ridge too often. Ridge was being a good big brother and making sure Sawyer was looking at the camera.

This was in our yard when I got home from the Y & grocery this morning. The patio set I tried to buy from the neighbor's family a couple of years ago. It was priced too high then. Now that the house has sold and the daughter and son-in-law are clearing it out, they gave us the entire set.

Tuesday - Up way too early. The heat and humidity are already oppressive - but make for some pretty pictures:
I captioned this one "A pink pond morning in Creston" and sent it to WHO-TV. Megan used it on the noon weather. It always makes me feel so good when one of my shots is used on TV.

Three men and a truck. Bud volunteered to help load the truck this morning; payment of sorts for all the tools, patio furniture, etc. they gave us.
If I thought the heat and humidity were oppressive at six, by eight, with the sun up, it was awful out there. It was too much for me just standing in the shade watching these men work. I've been trying to think of a punch line: "Three guys - a cop, a counselor and a marine - are loading a moving van......"

Wednesday - So glad the rain waited until today. One and a quarter inch. More to come. This is what the 'new' patio set looked like after it was set up on the deck yesterday - a nice addition:

Thursday - Lots of rain, lightning and thunder during the night. Another two and a quarter inches for a two day total of 3.5"
The pond begins to escape its usual bounds when we get a big rain - as shown to the right of this photo.

Friday - Hot and humid again. Bud ran outside early. I went to the Y to walk. That was bad enough. Started doing some cleaning. Getting ready for company. No pics of that, so here are some taken earlier this week.
Medusa's hair is growing nicely. So much more attractive than snakes, don't you think?

I now have a couple orange zinnias among all the pinks and one little white one down underneath. These flowers, favorites of my grandmother Lynam's, make me so happy. Why did it take me so long to plant some?
Oh, and this bonus for going to the Y this morning. Someone brought in a basket of cucumbers: "Help yourself." And I have been wanting to make some cucumbers and onions. Mmmm.

Saturday - Our resident geese are back for a visit. They leave once the little ones get big enough but almost always come back a time or two.
They only hatched two little ones this year. I imagine the 'extras' are from last year. Boomerang kids?

The rain filled up the bird baths which got me to wondering if there is a way to make this gargoyle into a fountain? Instead of spouting fire, it could spot water.

And speaking of flowers that make me happy - I am getting so much enjoyment out of this 'volunteer' plant. To think I almost pulled it when it first came up!
Next year I am planting some of these beautiful sunflowers on purpose! I can remember Mom planting sunflowers around the chicken pen one year. Her's grew to ginormous heights.

This is the week that was.

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