Sunday, November 9, 2014

"When In Rome".... or Portland

The timing for our Portland trip to see Kari & Ken and the new home was made to coincide with their open house. So Saturday morning saw us all up doing whatever was necessary to get ready for guests on Sunday afternoon. Part of that was cleaning and arranging furniture - the fun part was shopping.  First stop was their local Farmers' Market. Why oh why didn't I take any pictures?! Such a gorgeous day and so many varied vendors with samples. I wasn't going to try the wines, but hey, you know me. I did come away with something I'd never tried before Chasselas Dora.

This is a picture from Laurel Ridge's website. It looks like a place I would love to visit. When I described the type of white wine I like, the person offering the tastings said, "I have one that's a bit different, but I think you'll like it." This is how the winery describes their Chasselas Dora (Estate Grown): "Close your eyes and find yourself in an Alpine meadow with scents of white flowers, beeswax and savory spice. This rare and unusual clean, dry wine from 'own roots, old vine' makes a great accompaniment for fondue and other creamy cheeses."  So far I'm saving my bottle of Chasselas Dora to share with a friend when she visits in December. I doubt I'll make fondue (haven't done that since the 70's) but perhaps a nice brie?

Not far from the farmers' market is Grant Park. It is in the neighborhood where Beverly Cleary lived and the park has the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden. Kari asked if I'd like to stop and see it - "have your picture taken with Ramona?" Several flat stones mark the years various books were published. I think I need one like this outside our house. Bud often says "It's Ramona's world and I'm just privileged to be part of it."

Trying to match my expression to Ramona Quimby's. Other statues included one of Henry and one of his dog, Ribsy. I grew up with the other Ramona book, Helen Hunt Jackson's romantic tale of the beautiful Spanish Californian and her Indian lover. It wasn't until the late 70's when my dear sister-in-law, Ruthie, gave me this book -

for Christmas and introduced me to the other Ramona of literature. She could have chosen another Cleary title, Ramona The Pest, and I would have understood. But she said this was the way she thought of me.
I wonder if I should buy these books for the great-grands. Would they think the stories were about their great-grandmother and remember me that way?

Bud with the Henry Huggins statue.

Someone's lovingly restored late 30's Chevrolet sedan was parked next door to Kari & Ken's when we returned from shopping. The license plate holder read "Official Mafia Staff Car".  Hmm - Are we in the right neighborhood?

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