Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cowboy Caviar and Half Acre Pancakes

When Kari told me they planned to serve Cowboy Caviar at their open house, I had no idea what it was. I think I just assumed it was your standard fish roe tarted up somehow to make it fit into the wild west. I think someone else at the party said they had heard it called Texas Caviar. When I looked for recipes online I also saw it referred to as Black Bean Salsa - now that I have heard of. Oh goodness, this stuff is so good. Ken has tweaked the recipe he got from someone else to make it his own. It is that version I will try to replicate.
Another one is his/their Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip. These were just two of the tempting morsels on offer at the open house.
And open house it was. Guests arrived, were greeted, introduced and given a quick tour. From there they were left to wander, nosh, join conversations, wander some more, gravitate to the patio, join yet another conversation and RELAX. What a lovely open house it was.
Epic fail on my part yet again - I took very few pictures - but I wasn't the only one failing to do so. The mix of people and interests were so varied that the afternoon tended to real conversation. Mobile devices were little in evidence.

The only photo I took of the interior of their new home was this one. The hanging mirror/shelf is the inverted top of an old buffet given to Kari by friends of mine years ago in West Des Moines. It pairs so perfectly with the barrister bookcase Ken made for Kari to display some of her tea treasures.
I was not the only one to note and remark that Kari and Ken bought a house - but created a home. It is so them. I'm so happy for both of them. I'm especially happy that Ken has the space in the basement for his workshop - more finely crafted wood pieces to come?

Monday it was our turn to host our hosts which we did by taking them to breakfast at their, what I think is going to be favorite, somewhat quirky, new neighborhood spot - The Cameo Cafe. This is the home of pancakes so large you order them by the acre - 1/4 acre/ 1/2 acre, etc. Bud & I qualified for and each ordered The Senior. Even then it was way too much food. I shared my pancake with Kari in return for a sample of her toasted Strong Bread. (Variety of grains, polenta, bran, honey, buttermilk and poppy seeds. Yummy.) The bacon I had was reminiscent of the bacon we had on the farm when we had our own hogs processed - it was nice and thick - nothing like what you can purchase in the grocery stores. (Even the thick sliced stuff.)
With overly full stomachs, the remainder of our visit to Portland was given over to just being together - and maybe a nap or two. The morrow would find us leaving for home - but with the first hand knowledge of my daughter and her hubby ensconced in their very own house. Nay, their very own home. -A comforting feeling for a mommy.

"May the roof above us never fall in and may we good companions beneath it never fall out " (Irish Blessing)


  1. Good times! Your posts make me wish I were looking forward to a Mom visit, instead of back on one. Miss you, sweetie!

  2. Posting to my blog is 'almost' like visiting again - remembering and reliving those lovely days. I am sorry I didn't take more pictures of your house and yard, though.