Thursday, November 13, 2014

Following the 'North' Route Home

We left home for Portland in the rain and we left Portland for home in the rain. For me, there's a lot of brooding beauty in an overcast, rainy day. Seeing the mighty Columbia cloaked in mist and fog could inspire a mysterious, moody, story in my romantic mind.

Bud and I have long wanted to follow the Northern route (I-90) to or from Oregon but the weather was always too iffy until this time. It was an easy jaunt from Portland across the Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge (I-205) to Vancouver, Washington. A right turn off the bridge put us on Washington State Route 14 which runs along the Columbia East until we hooked up with I-82 and then I-90 to Spokane and then Idaho. The rain is moving out in this photo. Way down below on the left were some cattle grazing.

There was a rainbow behind us which I got part of in this photo through the back window.

Still on SR 14 along the Columbia with the sun shining now. I wish I knew what the structure on this rocky islet was used for.

"Blue skies...nothing but blue skies from now on....."

Bud managed to get this photo of Mt. Rainier off in the distance as I was driving.

After overnighting in Post Falls, Idaho, we drove past Coeur d' Alene Lake. Kari had told us how pretty the early morning fog was coming off the lake.

Mission of the Sacred Heart in Old Mission State Park near Cataldo - oldest standing building in Idaho - built 1848.

Interesting holes in rocks and possibly a cave. Another of many photos taken as we zoomed down the interstate.

The 'terraces' on this hillside reminded me of Western Iowa's Loess Hills where the same looking formations are called cat-steps. I believe this picture was taken in Montana. More about that state and other I-90 discoveries later.

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