Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bookmarks - Physical, Not Virtual

I'm not collecting bookmarks, though I do have a good start on a collection if I ever want to purposely add to it. With the exception of the Weathervanes Over America one on the top left, these book markers have all been gifts. I purchased the sheep weathervane bookmark in the museum shop at historical New Harmony, Indiana. A brief legend about weathervanes is inside the card along with this notation: "This finely crafted bookmark depicts one of the many beautiful weathervanes made in America during the late 19th century. It, too, is finished in gold and will be a treasured memento of one of America's earliest art forms." I chose a sheep because it is my symbol in the Chinese Zodiac and as a remembrance of the flock of sheep I once had.
Five of these "markers for finding a place in a book" are gifts from friends, Gene & Kristina. They include the two handmade ribbons, beads, coiled wire and tassel ones to the far left and right and the solid brass with green tassels one in the middle atop my Grandma Lynam's glove box. It is from Harrod's Knightsbridge, London; made in Great Britain (A good book is the best of friends.). The two silver ones are also from them - Kokopelli, the hump-backed flute playing legend of Southwestern lore and the Godinger silver floral page corner bookmark.
The R and green fleur-de-lis in the middle is a gift from grandson, Zach. The R next to it came from Australia via classmate and friend Barb. It has chips of Australian Black Opal in it. Barb once worked in the opal mines and now heads the Lightning Ridge Historical Society. (You can watch a clip of her here.)
If I remember correctly it was granddaughter Alyssa who made the Irish (green, orange and white) yarn and heart bookmark for me, though I may be confusing that with the Irish potholders she made and it could be from one of the other grand kids. Of all these bookmarks there is only one I use - the Ochre Star one on the back right. Kari got that one for me at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Yes, it is just a 2" by 6" laminated photo, but it is the style of bookmark I favor. I am the person who uses one of those tear out magazine ads, ticket stubs, or any piece of paper as a bookmark. But when I look at all the different and beautiful bookmarks available, I know I could easily become a collector of them - add to the start I already have - but I'll resist.

Ode To A Bookmark

Oh little bookmark slim and slight
between the pages closed up tight.

When at last I douse my light
you guard my place all through the night.  

No matter where that place may be
I know you'll keep it just for me.

Then in the morn your squarish head
amidst the book above my head.

Oh little bookmark slim and slight
working, working through the night.

              Duncan Ball

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  1. Another way I'm like you, Mom--I have some really pretty, fancy little bookmarks, but I the ones I use are the flat cardboard style--of which, I've collected quite a few!