Monday, August 2, 2010

My Baby's "39 and Holding"

Grandma Ruth Lynam and Preston Louis Fleming taken on my Mom & Dad's 34th Anniversary, October 10, 1971. Preston was two months, eight days old. I think the picture was taken at Ron & Ruthie's when they lived south of Lake Viking. We were celebrating the anniversary and Kristi's third birthday.

Preston's birth date could have been anywhere between August 1st and the 4th. We chose the 2nd for reasons unknown, although I'm sure I was ready - he was almost two weeks past his due date. It was a Monday night. Labor was induced at 7:40 p.m. and he was born at 9:40 p.m. I was so happy because I wanted a boy. (See August, 2009 blog "Second" for more details.)

When he was born, he had very dark hair with a patch of silver about the size of a half dollar right on top of his head. Quite a distinguishing anomaly which I hoped would last. Perhaps it did, but after he lost his baby hair, his hair grew back in blond. The silver patch wasn't visible. (There's definitely some 'silver' in his hair these days.)

Kari, Preston and Doug, Christmas at Grandpa & Grandma Fleming's, 1971. Big brother was almost nine when Preston was born. And as Kari figured out when she was quite young, she was "two years, two months and two days" older than her little brother. I had not figured that out and was surprised when she did. I was also surprised that Kari was still a "baby" when I went into the hospital and a "big girl" when I came home with Preston.

What a cute, happy, seven month old! The little moccasins didn't exactly go with his outfit. I guess I was more about him being comfortable than I was about fashion.

I have always felt a little like a bad mom for putting Preston in my folks' mailbox on his first birthday. But it was such a cute picture. Definitely a special delivery. (At least I didn't close the mailbox door on him.)

Preston, Kari, Mom (me), and Nadette, June, '77. Kari had just turned eight and Preston was almost six. It was our last summer on the acreage NW of Urbandale and it was a good one. The kids are in their swimsuits because we had a big plastic wading pool in the yard - the largest one I could get into the back of my old Ford station wagon. We had the slide from their swing set next to the pool so they could slide down it into the water. That is what Preston is sitting on while Kari is standing on the steps behind him.
Preston is 39 today. He may feel as though he's getting old, but he will always be my baby. And he's still a kid to me.

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  1. I posted yesterday, but it did not take! I said that the picture of me in the mailbox has always been one of my favorites. And as far as I can tell, no long lasting ill effects!