Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garden of Weedin'

There are many mer-chandise choices with the "Gar-den of Weedin'" design. I was thinking more of t-shirts until I saw this bag. I have such a thing for bags. One more couldn't hurt!
There is a family owned business near Sioux Falls, SD on the SD/Iowa border using the Garden of Weedin' as their company name. It sounds like a place I would enjoy visiting - especially during Pumpkin Picking Days in October. Hm-m-m a little fall get-a-way for a couple days, maybe?
I'm thinking about weeding because that is what I did for several hours yesterday. The weather is so much more conducive for being outside than it has been. Even so, "standing on my head" in the sun that long did make me light-headed, which made me think about fainting.
The first time I ever almost fainted was when I was about ten years old. Mom had to go to the dentist, so we went along. Dr. M.B. Latimer had his office in the Biggar Building. It was upstairs, on the west side of main street. Mom was in the chair. The dentist was drilling. And I was getting woozy. I must have said something about not feeling well. One look and Mom could see I was going to faint. She told me to sit down and put my head between my legs. Which is why I almost fainted instead of passing clear out.
There were a couple times when I was in high school when everything would go black except for a tiny pinpoint of light. After both of those times I had terrible headaches and had to go home. And there was the time already blogged about when Preston cut his wrist so badly and I insisted on being in the emergency room with him while he was stitched up. But I don't remember ever completely fainting - always knowing what was happening and getting my head down in time.
The absolute scariest experience I ever had with fainting was when my daughter passed out in the old Younkers store at Merle Hay Mall. She was only six years old. We had just gotten out of the car, walked into the store and were waiting for the elevator when she keeled over. I tried to revive her; picked her up and kept saying her name to no avail. I had no idea what had happened. I was begging people around me to "help me, help me!" when she finally began to come around. A store employee took us to the employee lounge where Kari was able to lie down for awhile. She said she felt fine, but we were advised to wait at least twenty minutes before she tried getting up. From experience, I can tell you one of the awfullest feelings in the world is the helplessness of not being able to do something for your child.
I still have some weeding to do under the deck, but the majority of it is done. What's left is going to have to wait a few days until I feel up to bending over again. Most of the weeds are what I call 'monkey face' and they are fairly easy to pull. I don't have a 'garden of weedin' t-shirt, but I do have my "So many weeds, so little time" one Shelly gave me a few years ago. I'll wear it next time I go out.

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