Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Light In The Garden

At first glance, it looks like this little plaque reads "light reigns in a garden".

But upon closer examination you can see it says "Delight reigns in a garden.

I like to go out early in the morning to see what's stirring in the neighborhood. This a.m. I was caught by the light and shadows playing with the rocks and flowers.
An added bonus was the heady aroma from the dill - one of my favorite herbal essences.

From the front patio to the back deck where reflected light made it appear the post was going right through the birdbath as a light breeze danced leaves in the water.

And the splashes from the fountain formed a four leafed clover.

More shadows along the fence where the newly sawed logs from a downed limb lie...waiting to be hauled off for winter fire wood?

The early morning light also created this circular rainbow in 'Charlotte's' web.

Which reminds me how lucky I was to see a rare, full circle rainbow over London twenty-two years ago. I've written about my magical trip to Ireland just after the Autumnal Equinox in 1994, but I've never mentioned the whole circle rainbow I saw.

My overnight flight from Chicago to Heathrow on British Airways was directed into a holding pattern circling many times before landing. It was during that time, looking out the window to the city below that I saw my first, and only, full circle rainbow.
I had never heard of a whole circle rainbow before and at first I couldn't believe my eyes. Now I know how rare they are - weather conditions have to be just right for the rainbow to form and one has to be up very high to see the entire circle.

Of course I wasn't able to get a photo, but this gives you an idea of what I saw.

Delight reigns not only in a garden, but everywhere - if you are lucky enough and observant enough to see it.

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