Sunday, May 22, 2016

Taking A Sunday Drive #29

Our trip to the Northeast last fall was supposed to include two or three days of leaf-peeping in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, our time in the New England States was marked by much rain and less leaf color, thus, hardly any photos worth sharing.

One of the most interesting, driest and warmest, stops was at the King Arthur Flour Bakery-Cafe-Store-School near Norwich, VT. Lunch was very good and perusing the baking supplies in the store was fun.

We stayed overnight in Concord, NH before driving to Maine the next day. I tried, without success, to find a beach access where we could at least walk along the shores of the Atlantic. Note - just because it says Wells Beach or York Beach doesn't mean it is a beach. It could just be the name of the town. I got frustrated with the traffic and no luck finding beach access so, "on to Rhode Island!"

Only photo taken between Maine and Rhode Island. Might be in Massachusetts. No pictures from Connecticut, either, but we crossed Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut off our lower 48 list!
(Rainy photos from Rhode Island previously published.)

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