Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 6/21-6/27

Sunday - Father's Day. This little one was born on Father's Day three years ago. (June 17) We didn't make it to her birthday party yesterday, but here is a photo of Lily Mae and her cake:

My great-granddaughter does not like having her picture taken. She turns her head or runs away, so having a photo of her smiling at the camera is a rare treat. Princess Lily with her Hello Kitty party theme. Love.

Bud enjoying one of his favorite pastimes for his Father's Day celebration. It is super easy to catch fish in our pond, but they are almost all this size. Catch and release.

While Bud was down at the pond, I went to Wally and bought some begonias for the deck planters.
Watched the final day of the US Open. Happy that Jordan Spieth won. I predict he is the next golfer to become a championship legend.

Monday - A day of rain. What else? 3/4's of an inch. Hot and humid. Did go to the Y, but not the Farmer's Market. Another shower came up just when it was time to start. There wasn't anything I needed anyway. Tornadoes in southeast Iowa tonight. Saw my first firefly of the summer this evening.

Tuesday - Cooler and less humid. Decided it was a good day to pull weeds. Had a great big black garbage bag full.

Stepping stones and some of the flower beds after I was done weeding. Oh my aching back!

Wednesday - Woke up to more rain. (20/100's) Went to the library Spotted this vanity license plate on the way back:

I'ma thinking THTGIRL should meet this guy:

YESIM HM is from Nebraska, but I have seen his vehicle at the Y many times this spring. A match made in Heaven?

Also on the way home from the library I went by a church on Adams Street that has seen a lot of remodeling work this winter and spring. Wondering if it is still going to be a church or something else as at least two decks have been added on to it.

Now I know. It has been re-imagined as two upscale condo units. I read they don't even know what asking price they should go with because there are no comparables in this area. Would be fun to go for a tour through them, wouldn't it?

Thursday - Disturbing dream about infiltrating the Hillbilly Mafia as an undercover agent. Had to wade through some really filthy water. Was I subconsciously thinking about the predicted flooding after the 5"-6"-7" rains north of us? Walnut Creek flooded again. I wonder if our old place on 4th Street was surrounded by water the way it was in '93?
No rain here, so another work day for me. The results of mulching:

As well as some more "deckorating:

Friday - Beautiful day. Looked at plants when I went to the grocery store. They were 1/2 price so of course some came home with me:

They added some color to where the Rose of Sharon bush used to be. I don't want to put anything permanent there yet because some of the green foliage on the right is sprouts from the old bush. Maybe it will make a comeback?

Such a perfect June day. I had to take some cloud pictures. No images for me in this photo, but....

Finally I see something in a cloud formation. In the middle of the photo there is a woman wafting south with her hair trailing out behind.

Saturday - Remember the end of April when I said I was keeping an eye on the corner near us - wondering what they were going to do there?

Well this is what it looks like now. They are still working on it; would probably be done if not for all the rain. This morning I had my suspicion confirmed when I saw a sign announcing there would be a storage unit facility there. There are already at least five storage places in town with another in the process of being built besides this one. Who uses these? What's being stored? Maybe we can have our own Storage Wars episode.

I went to Wally this morning to see if they had any bamboo wind chimes. They didn't. But they did have all their plants 1/2 price, too. So.....

I bought a hanging planter of geraniums and broke it into two pots of three geraniums each.

These are on the patio. No more room left on the deck. But 1/2 price? That's going to be hard to resist! I may have to go back for more if I can decide where to put them.

I began this post with a picture of Lily on her birthday. She is so cute, I'll end it with another from a couple days ago: "Lily Mae, Bubble Princess" - photo taken by her daddy.

This is the week that was.

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