Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 6/14-6/20

Sunday - A true 'day of rest' after yesterday's garage cleaning binge. Off and on rain all day. A picture from last evening after I had already posted last week's re-cap:

This blue heron regularly visits our pond for a bite of sushi or frog legs. His regular hang-out is across the tracks at Lake McKinley.

Monday - Woke up to what else? More rain. A total in our gauge of an inch and 40/100's.
This is what I "picked up" at my mother-in-law's former property Friday. No one lives there now, but she always said I could have more hen and chicks anytime.

This is how they look after I finally got them potted:

Tuesday - Lucky Grandpa and Grandma Fleming - they have Ayden for a couple of days.

It seems strange to refer to my son and daughter-in-law as 'grandpa and grandma'. Ayden isn't a year old yet, but he's walking all over the place - bet they had fun keeping up with him!

This beautiful ring neck dove checked out our newly painted deck this morning. Wish they would visit more often. I think they nest in the birch tree down by the pond.

Wednesday - Dreamed about my best friend from our one-room country school days. Photo is from 1955-56 school year.

Virginia was the eighth-grader (tallest) and I the seventh-grader (second tallest). We were friends all through grade school but when she started high school a year ahead of me, our friendship waned as we each had new best friends.
In the dream Virginia was back in the area and wanted to get together. She told me I was one of her first and best friends and that she had never forgotten me; wanted us to be close again. I was skeptical but she seemed so sincere.

Why do we dream of people who have been out of our lives and minds for years and years? What sub-conscious trigger brings them back to us?

It was foggy this morning and you may think that is the reason I took this picture. In reality I was trying to take a picture of the bug on the window in hopes it would be clear enough I could use it in a later identification attempt. A green lacewing?

Today is great-granddaughter Lily's third birthday. She and mommy had fun at the Children's Museum of Lacrosse.

Thursday - Is it or isn't it going to rain? Want to get the second coat on the deck. A reminder of what the deck looked like before the first coat went on:

After consulting several forecasts of which way the rain was going to track, we decided to go for it. Got the second coat on by 10 a.m. No rain. Babied my aching back the rest of the day.
Watched some of the first day of the US Open. Really like the looks of the Chambers Bay Golf Course - looks more like a European course. Should be fun to watch.

Friday - Maybe we are finally going to have a new neighbor. The same woman came back for the third time this week. She must be interested.
Got some plants and potted them. Waiting patiently for the deck to be good and dry.

Passed by the park on the way home where they were getting ready for Saturday night's Party in the Park. This is an annual fund raiser for McKinley Park. This year's tribute bands will be Shameless (Garth Brooks tribute), Double Vision (Foreigner tribute) and Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones tribute). We don't have to attend - we can hear the music from our deck.

Got some things moved onto the newly, twice painted, deck. More to go.

Saturday - Some of the 'deck-orations':

The copper crow is one Doug made for me years ago. Beginning to have a nice patina. Child of Peace is the Isabel Bloom figurine.

These flowers survived the winter. I've had pots of pinks (dianthus) before which lived through several winters just setting in the unheated garage. I've had my Isabel Bloom figures so long I've forgotten their names. I think this one might be Laura With Bird.

This is my favorite corner so far - 'Emma' with impatiens.

I have no idea what this plant is. It looks like a coleus except that it is winter hardy and grows like a weed. My neighbor had it about four years ago. This spring many small starts of this were growing out of the cracks between the sidewalk and street so I pulled them and stuck them in pots. They grew! 'Faith' is the Isabel Bloom in this photo.

A bowl of sedums and gargoyles. These also winter over in their pot.

In the final corner, a birdbath, Isabel Bloom's 'Peek' peeking around it and the planter I think of as Medusa because her 'hair' gets pretty wild as the season goes on. I have tried several different plants for her hair, but the sedum works the best and I don't have to replant it each year.

It is now evening and the tribute bands are playing. I don't even have to go out on the deck - I can hear them here in the house with the windows closed. Yes, I'm old and I like peace and quiet.

This is the week that was.

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