Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Year of the Goat? Sheep? or Ram?

The Chinese New Year begins today and as I was born under the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, it is 'my' year. But is it the year of the sheep, ram or goat? All three have been used interchangeably for this sign.

You would think my preference would be 'The Year of the Sheep' since I have actually raised sheep. That's part of my flock in the background with my cute little grandson, Brock. He was almost two in this spring of '83. I learned so much about sheep and myself during this experience. My only guide was 'Raising Small Livestock: The Practical Handbook' by Jerome D. Belanger. I still hope to someday have the words to write the story about my own 'year of the sheep'.

If I had ever raised goats, perhaps I wouldn't be so enamored of them. There's just something about a goat that appeals to me, therefore I think of myself as being born in the Year of the Goat - "something strong with a quiet spirit". And is there anything cuter than a baby goat?

Here's what one Chinese Zodiac site says about those born in the year of the sheep: "People born in the year of the sheep are meek and contented by nature, with an iron hand in a velvet glove. They are always considerate and reliable and may handle everything properly. However, they are a little bit moody, pessimistic and sentimental." Hmm.

In our family, I share the year of the goat only with Lorrie's twins, Aiden and Erick. It will also be the Chinese Zodiac sign for the new great-grandson Fleming due in June.

For fun, here are the other signs and family members who share them:

Year of the Rat: Dominique, Tina, Evan and Jennifer (Ron & Ruthie's first baby).

Year of the Ox: Lorrie & Andrew, Zach, Devin, Ridge, Maya and Rodney.

Year of the Tiger: Doug, Katrina and Mark. (Hmm, Doug is a Lion and a Tiger.)

Year of the Rabbit: Shelly, Brad and Austin.

Year of the Dragon: Ron, Christine, Susan, Mike and Lily.

Year of the Snake: Dad (Louis), Ken, Alyssa, Sawyer, Michael and Jesse.

Year of the Horse: Mom (Ruth), Les, Gene, Ruthie, Nicholas Hans, Paullina, Jack, Ayden and Keira.

Year of the Monkey: Kristi, Ki and Nicholas Robert.

Year of the Rooster: Bud, Betty, Kari, Brock, Kathryn and Carston.

Year of the Dog: Deise and April.

Year of the Pig: Preston, Shalea and Ian.

I was unable to determine the Zodiac years for Marge, Dale, Heidi, Kevin and Ryan because even though I know their birth 'days', I'm not sure of their birth 'years'.

Some other 'goat' attributes that apply to me: Goat people are dreamers, they like to study the esoteric (to know more about the unknown), they like to read books, they are fond of nature, insecure, sometimes pessimistic and can be lazy. The Goat can also be a good writer.

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