Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ink Blotters and Coincidences

It always fascinates me when something I haven't thought about in awhile comes up and then is repeated in a very short time. Last night we were watching American Pickers when Mike picked a box of ink blotters for $100. I remember ink blotters. I remember using them at school before ball point pens became the norm.
Ink blotters were made from a soft, absorbent paper on one side and smooth card stock on the other side. The card side usually had some form of advertising. I still enjoy using an ink pen once in awhile - either a fountain pen or nib pens - but when was the last time I had a blotter to use?

This morning while going through a box of pictures and miscellaneous I found Mom & Dad's 'Red Star Mills' pocket calendar from 1948. Those yearly calendars were where Mom kept receipts and information for the year end tax preparation. There were a quite a few receipts for seed corn. Looks like Dad tried several different hybrid brands - Moew's, Cargill's, Funk's and Pfister were all represented by the purchase of one or two bushels. And there were a couple receipts from Dr. M.R. Beemer for vaccinating the pigs against cholra (sic) and lung (?)

Then there was an envelope with the above receipt for payment on a life insurance policy. And with that receipt was this:

A brand new, unused, ink blotter with 'many thanks' from the insurance company along with a quote from the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. The blotting paper on the reverse side is a very pretty pink.

Now if I can just find a bottle of ink, I'll be back in business. Of course it will have to be black ink, not blue. I think the last time I used a bottle of ink like this one it was 'blue-black'.

Seeing those ink blotters on American Pickers last night and then finding the ink blotter in an old 1948 calendar this morning. What are the odds?

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  1. Isn't it funny how things will do that--get mentioned one day and appear the next. (Or get mentioned three times in quick succession, or...)