Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Everything Old Is New Again"

"Don't throw the past away, you might need it some rainy day. Dreams can come true again, when everything old is new again." (Peter Allen)

In the last couple of weeks I've noticed on TV some instances of women wearing bandannas or kerchiefs as head coverings again - as we did back in the 80's. Is the style making a comeback?

Me with my cousin Joe's son, Aaron and my dog Toffee.
Oh, I hope so. Wearing what I referred to as a kerchief was my favorite head covering. Kerchief, from the French couvre-chef, "cover the head" which is what I did when I folded the large man's handkerchief into a triangle and tied it over my ears and behind my head. When I hear bandanna I think more of the handkerchief being rolled or folded and worn like a headband. The last time I wore my kerchief in public, I was looked upon questionably - and that was in Walmart. So I quit wearing them.

But I didn't get rid of them! I've just been waiting patiently. Some of these twenty or so bandannas are still crisp and new while the majority of them are faded and soft from so many launderings. The red one spread out was obviously a favorite. It has the twelve signs of the zodiac with Scorpio (my sign) featured. It even has some small holes in it. Oh, I hope I'm going to be able to wear these again and be in style.

Me with granddaughter, Dominique.
Not that I don't like wearing hats, I do, but I always feel so conspicuous when I wear one. Maybe if I wore them more often?

The other questionable attire which is, according to the news "suddenly fashionable", as in "seen on the streets of New York" is wearing socks with sandals. Again, oh, I hope so. I really don't like wearing any kind of shoe without socks. It just doesn't feel right to me.

I know I won't be wearing my sandals with short white socks - that looks weird even to me. The pictures I've seen show darker, calf length socks being worn with sandals. I would probably go with darker, short socks - something nearly the same color as the sandals. Unless of course I want to be right in style.

Now if my blue eye shadow and bell bottoms will just become new again.......

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  1. I've been feeling in communion with you, Mommy, as I've been wearing my kerchief as we paint and clean and pack. <3