Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lovely Beginning to Mother's Day Weekend

We're having a rainy start to Mother's Day with more storms forecast which makes me doubly grateful my Mother's Day celebrating started yesterday. For the past several years my first-born has brought me a lovely hanging basket.

This year when I read about the 'Second Annual Clay Festival' at Penoach* Vineyards near Adel, I suggested we meet there. The winery was continuing a tradition first started at Atherton House in Adel - the opening of the kilns (based on the North Carolina kilns opening tradition), displaying Iowa potters' wares in early May. I had attended and enjoyed that several times before the Atherton House changed hands.

I want a fire pit like this! Large rocks to sit on and just an open area on which to burn. The 1917 barn in the background has been repurposed as the wine tasting area. They added the covered patio where you can sit and sip.

Which is where Douglas and I are showing off Shelly's and my purchases. She got red and I went for the 'Picket Fence White'. That reminds me of something I saw on their Facebook page: "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, but if the white runs out, I'll drink the red." Sounds about right.

These were my pottery purchases - two little ring or what not holders and a flower frog. It didn't come with the little flower holder frog part (the sharp stem holders) so I'll have to find one of those to use in it.

When we left the winery and pottery festival we went to the west side of town to see Doug's current remodeling project.  This cute little cottage is on two big lots. Problem is the back lot is land-locked so Doug and his construction partner can't build another house on it unless they can get an easement.

Interior, standing in living room looking into dining room and stairway.

Stained glass window looking out into backyard.

Skylight in upstairs bathroom.

An idea of what the sinks will look like. There will be two. Doug built the cabinet they will set on.

Back out in the yard. I was picking some lilacs off one of the bushes. Doug told me I didn't have to pick my own flowers, that he had some for me. He does this every year for Mother's Day. I told him I did not want to 'expect' the hanging basket (even though I sort of do), but that I appreciate getting one each year. After touring his project we went to lunch. All in all it was a great beginning to Mother's Day. 

Today, Mother's Day, and what has become my traditional brunch - omelets and champagne. I started doing this years ago when I was raising my children by myself. It was just a way of celebrating being a Mom even though I never felt like I was a very good mother. The omelet is Swiss cheese and asparagus. The coffee is Vanilla Biscotti and the jelly on the toast is Honey and Thyme Wild Blackberry Jam from the Farmers' Market in Marianna, FL. The woman who made it said it was one of those flavors you'll either hate or love when she gave me a sample taste. Obviously I was one of those on the 'love' side - such an unusual combination. The flowers are those lilacs I was picking yesterday. A long time ago a person I was working with described me as a hedonist. I had to look up the definition of the word, but, yes, I am a bit hedonistic.

A little Mother's Day vignette - the Mother's Day card from my daughter, the cross stitch picture she made of my Mom, a pottery piece from the Atherton House Kiln Opening from a few years ago and, on the floor, an Isabel Bloom statue of mother and child. I think it was titled 'Comfort' which is what I always received from my Mother and hope I provided for my children. Happy Mother's Day 2014.

(* Penoach was the Indian name given to Adel by its earliest settlers in 1837. It meant 'far away'.)

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