Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Search of Redbuds and Dogwoods

In my post on the first day of spring I mentioned chasing spring on an upcoming trip to the Gulf Coast wherein I said "Surely there will be dogwoods and redbuds in bloom in Arkansas or Tennessee and azaleas in Florida? Well, yes, there were. Our second day in -

- and I spotted my first redbud along the highway in Arkansas.

As well as several dogwoods along the same stretch of road. I liked the house as well.

The next day we rounded a corner and saw these purple trees. I had no idea what they could be.

Until we got a little closer and I said, "They look like wisteria blossoms. I didn't know there were wisteria trees." Then I saw the vines. Wisteria had climbed to the tops of the trees and was blooming - beautiful.

What appeared to be flooded fields except -

The floods were contained in square-looking ponds. Could it be.....? Yes, a sign confirms it. These are catfish farms.

I needed a guide for all the different wildflowers and weeds I couldn't identify. While waiting for the ferry on Dauphin Island, there was this little cutie:

Is it a periwinkle? And I was right about the azaleas in Florida.....

This was taken at Gulf Islands National Seashore.

While Bud was putting gas in the car, I took this photo of purple phlox (I think).

As well as these - what I'm sure is some kind of weed. As I said, I needed a flora guide book. These reminded me of what we used to call pig weed on the farm, except much taller and more brightly colored.

More redbuds at a scenic overlook in North Carolina.

Atop a rock outcropping in Tennessee.

This is my favorite of all the redbud pictures. It was snapped by Bud as I was driving along an interstate in North Carolina. Amazing how well my little digital camera works at 70 mph.

It was a joy to see all the beautiful spring flowers. I had hopes they might be blooming when we got back home, but not yet. (Snow in the forecast for tonight.)

On the upside, it will be very nice to enjoy two springs this year.

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