Saturday, April 26, 2014

Falling Waters and Sink Holes

"On the fifth day* of the journey, I was looking at all the life. There were plants and birds and rocks and things...."
On the fifth day of the journey, after leaving Panama City Beach and before reaching Marianna around noon our destination was one Christine had told us about - Falling Waters State Recreation Area. It was interesting as we stopped at the entrance to pay our fee there was a sign noting that water was not flowing over the falls at all times and that we should ask - which we did.

We were in luck. Water was indeed flowing in Florida's highest waterfall. A short walk on the boardwalk and we could hear the water falling. A little further along, around a bend and down about twenty-five steps we were standing on a platform next to the falls.

Looking over the railing to the bottom of the cylindrical sink is a bit daunting. The falls is described as 73 feet while the sink is said to be 100 feet deep. I'm still trying to understand the difference. The falls powered a grist mill during the Civil War era. In 1891 a distillery was constructed on the site.

Looking down to the bottom of the falls. The stream disappears underground here. The water's final destination remains unknown. The limestone is covered by moss and ferns.

The entire park lies atop of a bed of limestone which has eroded over the years creating many sink holes and caverns.

A boardwalk around many of the sink holes provides an easy and safe route from which to view them.

Some of the aforementioned plants (flowers) and rocks and things. Supposedly Native Americans used the sink holes and caverns in which to hide from Andrew Jackson during the Seminole Wars.

This was a very nice, peaceful, scenic stop on the way to Dale & Christine's. I would like to see it when the falls are in full flow, maybe then I could imagine them powering a grist mill.

(* First part of the journey in America's 'A Horse With No Name' lyrics.)

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