Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For The Good Times

Last evening I read the news that Ray Price had died. He was a singer I liked from the 60's and 70's - country western crossing over to pop. When I heard his name, I immediately thought, "For the Good Times". It was a hit of his in 1970 - written by another of my faves, Kris Kristofferson.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the death of my Mother. As always, she was on my mind. I began thinking how some of the words of the song related to my state of mind:

"Don't look so sad, I know it's over. But life goes on and this old world will keep on turning. Let's just be glad we had some time to spend together...."

Chrismas at Mom's 2002. Left to right: Katrina, Mom, Ron, Bud, Ruthie, Andrew, Nicholas and Tina.
In this picture of the last family Christmas with Mom in 2002, she doesn't look sad so much as lost or overwhelmed. The rest of us were having one of those 'good times', teasing, laughing and carrying on. Now that I am older, I understand that overwhelmed feeling. First of all, it is hard to hear everything that's going on. Secondly, I feel (and I'm sure Mom did) somewhat forlorn about not being able to do all the cooking, cleaning and prep work for a family dinner. It isn't easy to let go of the reins.

Counter clockwise, bottom right: Mom, son-in-law, Gene, granddaughter, Kristi, Great-granddaughter, Jesse.
The previous Christmas (2001). Another new great-grandchild for Mom as well as for her sister-in-law (in the picture on the fridge Aunt Leona's granddaughter Heather with son Michael.) "Hear the whisper of the raindrops blowing soft against the window and make believe you love me you'll still be there, one more time, for the good times."

1964 Mom, Dad, Ginger and second grandson, Michael Eugene.
The good times far outnumbered the bad or sad times. It is those I should dwell on.

July, 1984 "Ruth and Holly" (amidst the hollyhocks).
Mom, content with her life....her garden, flowers and kitty. Never complaining. "And I'll be here if you should find you ever need me..."

"Don't say a word about tomorrow or forever. There'll be time enough for sadness when you leave me."

This picture, which I did not remember ever seeing, was one my brother found and used in a collage of old pictures for Mom's room when she went into the nursing home. I would love to know what she was laughing about in the mid-1940's photo. To me it epitomizes  the good times.

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  1. What a great post. I love Ray Price AND Kris Kristofferson. That last picture is a dandy.