Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmases Past - No Ghosts

One of the regular blogs I read this morning asked for memories of a favorite Christmas toy. I won't say this doll and teddy bear were my favorites, but they were among my firsts. A few years later I wanted sets of dishes. Those I got, but they were made of tin or plastic when what I really wanted was a china tea set.

This is a photo of my first son playing with a doll from my childhood. She (can't remember what I called her) was probably one of my favorite gifts. I do remember sneaking downstairs Christmas morning and seeing our dolls before my sister got up. The auburn haired doll in the yellow dress had my name on the tag while the blonde in the pink dress had my sister's name on it. I switched tags because I wanted the blond doll.

Possibly my favorite doll was this one which I received as an adult. I had attended a church luncheon and bazaar in my hometown at the beginning of holiday shopping season and bought some raffle tickets. I think what I was hoping to win was a quilt, but didn't expect to win anything. So when Mom answered the phone later that afternoon and said it was for me, I was elated to learn I'd won the doll. Pretty sure I named her Annie.

Doug's second Christmas (1963) when we lived in the Methodist parsonage in Brooks. It was fun to see the holiday through my child's perspective. Wish I still had that beautiful old buffet in the background. Hard to believe I bought it for fifty cents at an auction.

Ten years later and Douglas was excited about receiving a pair of platform shoes to go with his favorite bell bottom pants. He was into the disco craze (1973).

Another twenty years (1993) and one of the best gifts for all of us, but especially for my son, Doug. We hadn't been able to have my oldest grandson with us for many years, so when arrangements were made for him to be with us that year, I didn't tell anyone. My best present was to see the look on Doug's face when he saw his oldest son in our living room. Being with family is what it's all about.

Doug wasn't the only one to ride that Wonder Horse for miles and miles. His siblings and cousins had their turns riding and rocking on it, too.......

Until it came time for another generation. Now Brock has two little boys of his own. Isn't that horse still around somewhere?

Merry Christmas to all. May you enjoy time with your loved ones this holiday season.

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