Sunday, October 13, 2013

Twenty-five Year Intermission

On a sunny Sunday, October 9, 1988, my eldest son, Douglas Botkin married Shelly Bulmer in a small family wedding at the covered bridge in Easter Park in Des Moines.

Twenty-five years later, they returned to the scene of the crime.

Bride and groom, parents of the groom, 1988.

And twenty-five years later. There have been a few changes in the approach to the bridge - it's paved now. (As well, perhaps, a few changes in the people.)

Groom and mother, 1988.

Mother and son, 2013. Both with shorter hair and me just plain shorter. I wore the same top and throw.

It was nice to celebrate their silver anniversary. For me the best part was seeing and holding the great-grandbabies. The only great-granddaughter, as yet, 16-month old Lily Mae.

And the newest great-grandson, Sawyer Robert, 3 months old to the day.

It was impossible to get great-grandson, Rodney, to stop long enough for a picture with me, but I did get one with him and his Mom, my granddaughter, Katrina.

Group picture of me with my son, three of the four of his children, his daughter-in-law and some of the grandkids.

Sawyer displaying his happiness at seeing great-grandma.

Lily doing the same. Everyone says she looks like her Dad, but I can see her Mom there, too. She's just such a cute little girl - with all the orneriness shining in her eyes - just like her Mom at that age.

Alyssa did a great job of planning the day, bringing all the food from afar, and reminding her parents of how much their lives mean to the rest of us. It was a lovely day for them and especially for her Grandma Ramona.

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  1. You are blessed. Can't believe you had the same clothes!