Monday, October 28, 2013

Before the Rains Come

With blustery rain in the forecast, I wanted to share a few pictures of my everyday sights before the weather puts end to the gorgeous colors.

Early morning gold across the pond and RR tracks. Yes, we live this close to the rail line. No, the noise doesn't bother us. In fact we love hearing and seeing the trains. Creston was founded as a railroad town and still is with the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe trains as well as Amtrak (one of six Iowa stations) passing through.

Red against the white of the church and school house in the Union County Historical Complex in McKinley Park just north of our home.

Red-orange in a yard I pass on the way to the Y each morning.

Lovely colors in the trees on the south side of the Y building.

A row of orange along the east side of the Y. Many of the trees around the building are Memorial Trees.

Southwestern Community College spire above campus color.

A portion of the Park-to-Park walking path. The path extends from an area near that second picture in McKinley Park five plus miles to the south edge of Green Valley State Park north of town.

There is one house I pass every morning that is always decorated for every season. This is on the back side of the property. In the spring and summer, the square area is planted in flowers and baskets of flowers hang along the fence.

An Autumn vignette in front of the house. The woman who lives here is elderly. I don't know if she has help with all her flower plantings and seasonal decorating or not. They are always beautiful.

To the right of the vignette picture. Not sure if those are gourds or apples in the statues' baskets. Soon these decorations will be replaced with Christmas greenery, lights and large colored orbs.

On another nearby corner, a nod to Halloween along with the Fall decorations. For some reason it seems like Beggars' Night is always cold and rainy. Looks like this year will be no exception. Maybe the little ghosts and goblins can get their Trick or Treating accomplished between showers.

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