Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cruising Down The River

"Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon with one you love, the sun above, waiting for the moon. The old accordion playing a sentimental tune, cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon." This was the first popular song* I ever learned to sing. I have a distinct memory of singing it at my Aunt Evelyn's - showing off to my cousins that I knew the song. That's me top left and my little sis, Betty, bottom right with our Roberts cousins, Lila, Glenna, Janet and Mary Lou. This picture was taken at our home - obviously playing dress up with some of Mom's old clothes and accessories.

I used to think I wanted to take a Caribbean cruise on one of the big ocean liners, but now, every time I see the ad for Viking River Cruises when we watch Masterpiece on Sunday night, I know I would so much more enjoy a river cruise. I had thought I would like to take a cruise on the Rhine from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Now I realize I was one letter off - I'd much rather take a cruise through the Rhone River Valley from Lyon to Avignon, France. The 148 passenger AmaLegro of the Ama Waterways Line would be so much more my speed than a 5000 passenger cruise ship.

Wouldn't I just love a leisurely cruise through the wine country of France? Lyon to Avignon is 8-days with lots of stops for day trips along the way. There are trips twice as long but I think any more than eight might be too much of a good thing.

I don't know if one of the stops would be at the E. Guigal Winery in the Chateau d"Ampuis, but at least it looks like the ship would go right by it. This is the home of that Rosé wine I had and enjoyed so much last year. I think the story of E. Guigal is interesting. You can read it here.

It is very doubtful I will ever take a European river cruise, but maybe one in America? A fall foliage cruise on the Hudson looks very inviting. "The birds above all sing of love, a gentle, sweet refrain. The winds around all make a sound like softly falling rain. Just two of us together, we'll plan a honeymoon, Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon."

(*Cruising Down the River was a song written by two women, Eily Beadell and Nell Tollerton, in 1945. It won a public song-writing competition held in the UK. Russ Morgan's Decca records version which hit the best selling chart in 1949 is probably the one I learned from by singing along.)


  1. If the river has the right amount of water, there is a cruise that goes down the Missouri River. They stopped and let locals walk on the boat and look around one time at the Corps of Engineers, two miles down the road from us. I've wished I could do that cruise ever since.

  2. Donna - I think I would enjoy a MO River cruise. We followed the river across Missouri on a road trip one year, stopping at small towns and historical sites. It was interesting and fun as well as very picturesque.

  3. That ad gets me every time, too! I didn't know about the Hudson cruise--going leaf-peeping in the Northeast is on my 'bucket list'. Shall we book a mommy-daughter trip?

  4. Kai- I think a US waterways trip would be fun. Don't know about a bucket list, but I do have a bunch of New England states I need to check off my 'been in every state' list. Budbo could visit Mark while we cruise.

  5. I love it--what a perfect plan! Everyone gets to do what they want. Let's find out where the cruise embarks, and start planning for next fall!