Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Six Dollar Gamble?

I'm not much of a gambler, plus, I don't consider myself very lucky, so I seldom play the lottery. But today I've got a strong urge to waste six dollars on two Powerball tickets for tonight's drawing. (Two dollars per easy-pick play plus $1.00 each ticket for the power play.) And I'll tell you why...when I get up in the mornings I turn on my computer and check my homepage for the news. One of the things that caught my eye this morning was: "Powerball Soars to $425 Million". Now it's not because the amount is getting so high again, it is how close the jackpot could be to $444 Million by the time the numbers are drawn tonight.

Why does the possibility of a $444 Million jackpot entice me? Because for many years I have awakened at exactly 4:44 a.m. I've always thought that was going to be the time I die, but thinking more positively, maybe it is going to be the amount of the jackpot I win. Anyway, it is the reason I'm thinking about playing.

I first played the Iowa Lottery back when it began in 1985. I had a set of numbers I played every time - the birth dates of family members plus our anniversary date. I was so sure I was going to win. I would watch Mike Pace read the numbers as the balls dropped - never winning anything. I even tried letting the lottery machine pick numbers for me with a bit more success - I'd win a couple dollars now and then. Eventually I gave up playing on any kind of regular basis - buying an easy pick ticket once, maybe twice a year. I don't think I've bought any tickets since the price to play doubled to $2.00 this year.

But, isn't it fun to imagine what you would do if you won? I've always known that one of the things I'd do is TRAVEL....see more of this country and the world. I'd certainly buy a new vehicle and since paying for gas wouldn't be a problem, I'd get some kind of small SUV - something that was easier to get in and out of with my arthritic knees, hips and back. Oh, and massages - I could go back to having a regular massage again.

I'd probably keep this same home, but replace the counter tops and carpets. I'd also invest in a winter condo somewhere on a beach....m-m-m, winters in sunshine, walking along the surf. Obviously I would give our children and grandchildren money, some outright and some in some sort of trust. And, of course, Bud would get a new vehicle, too, even though 'Sally' is still in perfect shape for her age.

I'm already sassy, but I would probably get fat and sassy with all the meals we'd eat out - or maybe I'd go the other way and strive for that 'thin and rich' goal. I would really have to investigate any charitable causes. I've given money in the past to organizations I thought were worthy only to find that most of the money went into the pockets of the administrators. I think it would be more fun to anonymously give money to people who look like they need it. Books. Winning the Lottery wouldn't make me a Carnegie, but both my present and former public libraries would benefit from my winnings.

Well, there they are, my winning numbers. Do either of the plays look lucky? The first two numbers on the A pick are my sister's birth date, September 23. I see the day's date of  some birthdays - my husband's, my daughter's, a granddaughter and a great-grandson. My lucky number doesn't even appear anywhere. 

I'll let you know if I win anything. In the meantime, I'll be doing some more daydreaming during the next several hours.


  1. Here's hoping us birthday-number people are lucky for you! It's so fun to imagine what you'd do with a windfall like that--although one that big, I think the smartest thing is to invest enough to ensure your comfort, and then give big chunks of it away. Sems like the folks who win really big get a proportional amount of trouble along with the moolah.

    1. I didn't check my numbers until this a.m. - had not one single matching #. Surprise, surprise. BUT, I did awaken and look at the clock early - it was 4:44 a.m. I had that eerie feeling that it could be an omen.

  2. DARN the luck! (Both the no-money-winning and the no-sleeping-in!)