Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thirty-Three Father's Days

I don't remember celebrating my first father's day with my dad - I was exactly seven months old - June 18, 1944.

The first time Louis Lynam celebrated Father's Day as a father would have been about six weeks after his 23rd birthday. His first child, my brother Ronald, was born the day after Dad's birthday (May 7) in 1940.

No date on the picture. Probably 1953. Mom made our skirts. She had one, too. At this point I didn't mind being dressed the same as my little sister. And I thought my Dad "hung the moon."

Family reunion 1957, a month before my 14th birthday. L to R: Betty, Ron, Me, Dad, Mom and Leslie in front.

Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary, October, 1962.

Dad & Mom around 1964, I think.

This is a favorite picture of me and my Dad. Fall of 1960 just before I turned 17. I don't have specific memories on any Father's Day with my Dad. The one I remember best is Father's Day, June 18, 1978. I was exactly thirty-three years and 7 months old. My first Father's Day without my Dad. He had died three and a half weeks earlier, May 24, 1978 - two and a half weeks after his 61st birthday. It gave Father's Day a whole new meaning for me.

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