Saturday, June 1, 2013

Celebrating the Geminis

Yesterday was daughter Kari's birthday and today is daughter-in-law Shelly's. When Kari (on the right) still lived in the Midwest we often celebrated together. One of our special places to go was the Thymes Remembered Tea Shoppe in Perry. That is where this picture was taken when Kari was visiting us four years ago.

Shelly has been a member of our family for almost 25 years. She and Doug will celebrate their Silver anniversary this fall. This picture of Shelly, her Mom, Lee, Alyssa and Doug was taken at Alyssa's graduation from Luther College, Decorah, two years ago.

Shelly celebrates a very special birthday today - her 50th! She wanted to either go fishing or work in the garden but the weather is definitely not cooperating - it's cold, rainy and windy. However she chooses to celebrate, I hope she has a very happy 50th birthday. Here she is holding her first granddaughter in a picture taken last August. Lily will be one year old in a couple weeks.

When I turned 50 (twenty years ago this fall), I took a solitary retreat, staying at Wesley Woods near Indianola. I hiked the native prairie - part of the 344 acres of the Methodist Camp and Retreat Center.

Explored the replica of a homestead sod house and tried to imagine what living in one of those must have been like.

And wandered down to Squaw Creek where I marveled at all the thousands of year old fossils embedded in the limestone creek bed. My 50th birthday was one of journaling, meditation, communing with nature, thinking about the past and wondering about the future.

 I hope Shelly's 50th birthday is as right for her as mine was for me.

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