Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Rare Sight

Yesterday I attended the funeral of one of my Mother's cousins, Darlene (Haley) Palmer. There was an empty seat next to my cousin Larry's widow, Ruth Roberts, so I sat next to her. I didn't even realize my brother Ron was sitting on her other side until after I sat down. Ron handed me three pictures, saying 'Jake' had given them to him. Jake? Who's Jake? "Wayne Moore", Ron replied. Only we knew him as Wayne Dale when growing up - his Dad was Wayne. And the above picture shows Wayne in the middle with my Mom on the old John Deere and Dad atop the bales of hay with Jack, the dog.
The reason this is a rare sight is because you would hardly ever see Mom in the field. I remember her once telling me that she "wasn't going to be one of those farm wives who went to the fields". I wish I had asked her why, but I didn't. I just accepted that she refused to work in the fields with Dad. She was willing to do the chores, including milking all ten cows by hand, by herself, if need be, but I bet you could count on one hand the number of times she drove the tractor.

Another picture of my folks taken May 15, 1959. I'm sure this was the day of Betty's 8th grade graduation. I remember a picture of Betty in her graduation dress taken in this same location.

No date on this photo - I would say from the late 1940's. Occasion?? I will probably use some of these photos in another blog someday, but those photos my brother gave me yesterday just has me thinking of Mom and Dad a lot today.

Of course I may be thinking of them because of the funeral yesterday. With Darlene's passing, there is now just one of Mom's cousins left. Another generation slipping away.
This photo of Darlene and Cliff was taken in 1957 at the family reunion we hosted. In front of Darlene is Marvin, Donna in the middle and Dale in front of Cliff.

Family reunions - another rare sight......

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