Sunday, November 18, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays

As previously reported, November is one long month of celebrations for our family. Yesterday we celebrated the third birthday of my great-grandson, Rodney.

In addition to his cake, there were decorated cookies. I had a giraffe.

It was such a nice day for the middle of November; the kids were able to play outside. Watching a three-year-old ride a motor bike seems unreal to this ole great-grandma.

If I live long enough, will I someday see Rodney racing at Indianapolis or on the NASCAR circuit?

It was a good day for Grandma - seeing great-granddaughter Lily - how she has grown in the two and a half months since I last saw her .... well as seeing some of my adult grandchildren; Brock and Paullina; Alyssa and Evan.

Today is my 69th birthday. No cake for me today, not even my favorite cheesecake. Just some thoughts about how quickly a lifetime can pass.

Almost half a life ago, I celebrated my 35th birthday in Denver where I met these friends of a friend of mine. What I remember most about Bonnie and Jack, other than how nice they were, were their two huge Irish Wolfhounds. Bonnie gave me the book, Some Men Are More Perfect Than Others as a birthday gift.
The weather was beautiful that weekend. I remember going to the Denver Broncos-Green Bay Packers football game at Mile High Stadium. Denver won. It was the start of my being a Broncos fan.

This is the most recent picture of myself - taken two months ago. With me is Granddaughter, Dominique. She was sixteen three days ago. Today is her sister Deise's eighteenth birthday. We'll all celebrate together on Thanksgiving - the end of the celebrating and back to losing another ten pounds!

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