Friday, June 18, 2010

A Lippincott Cousin

Jack Dodd (Picture taken at Gothenberg, NE)

Several years ago I corresponded (snail mail) for awhile with a distant Lippincott cousin in Grand Island, NE. She was related to Rebecca Lippincott who was a sister of my Grandma Ridnour's mother, Matilda (Tilly) Lippincott Means.
We fell out of touch - probably my fault for not answering her letters - and I hadn't thought of her for years. That is, until this week when I was sorting some of Grandma R's pictures and found this one of Jack Dodd. Grandma had written his name on the back of the folder and in parentheses "Descendant of Ami Lippincott".
I'm trying to get some of these old pictures back to family members. I remembered the cousin lived in Grand Island, NE. If only I could remember her name, I could possibly find an address for her. The name that finally came to me last night was 'Johnnetta Moore' so I wrote it down in order to try to track her down today.
My sub-conscience took over while I slept. I woke up this morning with the right name - Jolita, not Johnnetta, Moore. I googled her and got one hit on the name with an e-mail address at a company in Omaha. I sent her an e-mail at 7:29 and at 7:33 had a reply. The Omaha Jolita is the same one I had written to in Grand Island. We are back in touch.

This picture is of Jolita's great-grandmother, Rebecca Lippincott. For a long time I thought David and Catherine Lippincott only had the two daughters because Matilda & Rebecca along with Becky's son, Ami, were the only ones I had ever heard of. I now know there were older siblings - Sarah (Conally), Tom, Maggie and others? Maggie was Mort Staggs mother. He was born in North Dakota. I think Bertha and Tom both lived in Missouri. More research to do!

In addition to the first two pics, I also mailed this one to Jolita. It is of Ami Lippincott and Della Earl Dodd. Not sure who she is, but I'm sure cousin Jolita can tell me.

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