Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"It Was A Dark and Stormy Night......"

One of the things Kari and Ken hoped for during their week's stay was an old-fashioned Iowa storm with lots of thunder and lightning. They sort of got their wish Sunday night when some storms passed to the west and north of us. Yesterday afternoon was hot and humid. We were under a tornado watch, but there was nothing on radar near us. Then in the late afternoon a strong thunderstorm cell popped up between Bedford and Lenox. The sky got dark. Clouds began swirling around. The TV station reported wind and hail southwest of Creston. Then Creston's tornado sirens began sounding. TV radar showed conditions right for tornados north of town and south of town. Neighbors began making their way to the clubhouse where our basement shelter is located.
We stayed on the patio and watched the clouds. By 5:30 we heard that a tornado had touched down in Ringgold County north of Mt. Ayr. Kari & Ken's wish for a BIG thunderstorm had been answered.

It was such a beautiful morning. Bud suggested we drive down toward Mt. Ayr to see the damage. Most of it was located on two farms. This one on the west side of Hwy 169 had the most extensive losses. The top picture is of a cattle feeding area while this one shows the silos and areas close to the house.

North of the above pictures and on the east side of the road, another farm lost the house roof and their barn. Luckily no one was injured at either location.
I believe our Oregon kids are going to take home some interesting stories and pictures of their Iowa vacation.

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