Saturday, March 4, 2017

Life In A Fishbowl

I would hate being famous, or even moderately well-known, and feeling as though I were always being watched (and judged) by others. I can't even imagine being an artist or politician especially in this day of instant images and sound bites being broadcast all over the world. Life in a fishbowl; not for me!

I'm referring to real fish; actual fishbowls. I remember those prizes you could win at a carnival.
Not that I ever won any because Mom wouldn't let us try - but I always wanted to. I thought having a goldfish would be great.

Eventually my Mom did have a goldfish bowl with two goldfish in it. I'm thinking by the time my little brother came along she relented and he either won some or she bought him some. He also had a turtle or two which he kept in a dish/bowl and caught flies for.

What I remember most about her fishbowl, long after we were grown and gone, was how scrupulous she was about changing the water and keeping the bowl clean.

An all-time family favorite photo was this one of my nephew, Michael, trying to reach the fishbowl.

In later years Mom had an even bigger fishbowl. I remember her telling us that the fish would grow larger if you put them in a bigger bowl. She had some beautiful fantail goldfish.

She never cared about living life in a fishbowl, either.

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  1. I'm with you--I've long said I wouldn't mind being rich, but I'd hate to be famous!