Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Just One More Reason (MTY, LTT)

I'm always looking out my magic window, as hubby dearest calls it, scouting for wildlife, interesting clouds, pretty sunsets. The camera is at hand if there is anything interesting....

.... this morning it was four deer on the hillside across the pond.  One was so nearly camouflaged that I almost didn't see it until the zoom lens pulled all of them closer.

Then I noticed what I assumed was the heron until I also zoomed in on it and saw this lone Canadian goose. When it was still there in the same position an hour later, I got worried. Why hadn't it moved? Was it caught in a muskrat trap? Was it injured? I kept didn't move.

Finally I pointed it out to Bud and shared my concerns with him. "It's been there more than an hour. It must be caught, hurt, etc." He replied just as I expected: "I'll go down and see." (He knows I would go myself if 1) it weren't so darned cold out and 2) I was able.) I did say I'd better go with him because 1) geese can flog you and 2) you might fall in the pond. But he assured me he would be fine.

He barely got close before the goose started honking and moved out onto the open water. Watching from the window, I was relieved for goose and man.

What had kept the goose in the same spot for such a long time? I'll never know.

But I do know, not that there was any doubt, my hubby dearest would do anything for me.

Just one more reason I love him more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

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