Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trouble Brewing?

It's hard to believe Saoirse and I have been together six years. She has been cute, dependable and fun. True, we haven't traveled a lot of miles together, she still has less than 72,000 miles on her odometer, but for me, she's lived up to the meaning of her name - freedom. We don't need two cars, but I like having my own vehicle. And while I don't have any complaints about her, she may have one or two about me - the most likely being that she has to set outside in all kinds of weather. True, I do put her under the patio roof most of the winter as well as if there is hail in the area, but she almost never gets into the garage - until this week...

..... You see, Sally has suffered another little mar to her perfection. Earlier this month one of those gaudy, orange, state-owned trucks *lightly* rear-ended the poor girl. Consequently she is in the 'make me beautiful again' shop spa.

As long as she is there, she's also having this little New York City scrape taken care of. So what's the problem? What kind of trouble is brewing?

Saoirse has learned that the button on the doohickey clipped to her visor opens the garage door! She has been sneaking inside in Sally's absence. She likes being inside! I've told her Sally will be back in a few days, but she comes back with "possession is nine-tenths of the law". (I think she's been listening when we're watching those legal dramas on TV.)

I'm putting off explaining the house rules to her. While there may be factors in her favor - she is older than Sally, she is the newest family member, etc. - Sally's master and I long ago agreed that the youngest girl would be the one who got to be inside all the time. Saoirse is 13; Sally is only 11. I'm not looking forward to refereeing this fight!

On a lighter note: while we don't have the dratted "the squirrels are in the attic again" problem, we do have a similar "the starlings are in the eaves again" hassle. Yesterday I heard them begin building their nest in there.

The resident Mr. Fix-It pulled the gap back together and then applied the handyman's number one rule, "duct tape will fix anything". Those starlings won't be bugging me this year! Maybe I should just turn the brewing Saoirse vs. Sally problem over to him?


  1. I say let the girls fight it amongst themselves and whoever wins gets the spot.
    You always let us kids figure it out for ourselves-why start reffing now?


  2. So...what happened? Is Sally back in her spot? Is Saoirse sulking?

    1. Saoirse is fine with me, but Bud said she is giving him the cold shoulder. Or, I guess that would be the cold fender.