Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last Day of Summer, 2015

Autumn arrives here early tomorrow morning (3:22 CDT). The Blue Jays have been announcing it lately with their calls of thief, thief, thief. Did other children learn to identify this bird in that way? Hearing them always reminds me of trips to the timber and picking up acorns, hickory nuts and walnuts.

The highlight of my summer was our first annual Christmas in July. My little family has grown so much that it is quite difficult to get everyone together for Christmas in December. The date and location was announced in January. With six months lead time, I expected everyone to be there and everyone made it with the exception of a great-grandson, two step-great-grandsons and my stepson Mark. But Mark had been here in December, so he was given a pass.

In addition to my three children and their spouses, nine grandchildren, their spouses and significant others and six great-grandchildren, my youngest brother, his wife and his father-in law came as well as my brother-in-law and niece and a nephew, his wife and my grand nephew. It was a busy bunch and I loved every minute. Here are a few photos from the day most of which were taken by my husband Bud or my son-in-law Ken.

The gift table, great grandchildren Sawyer and Lily.

Yes, we decorated for Christmas. My daughter Kari and son Preston.

My son Doug holding his grandson Sawyer. Dominique's boyfriend, Ty far left and my grand-nephew Nicholas on the right.

Son, Douglas, his son, Brock holding his son, Sawyer and husband, Bud.

Meeting the newest great-grandson, Greyson, for the first time.

Grandson, Zach, displaying the gift he got in 'The Game'.

Granddaughter Alyssa's game gift - a bird house her dad (Doug) made.

My game surprise. Luckily someone stole it and I got to choose another.

My daughter-in-law, Shalea. Grandma to these two boys, Ayden and Greyson.
Ayden & Greyson's Mommy, April, grandson Ki's fiance.

My niece, Kristi, her dad (my brother-in-law), Gene, and my nephew, Andrew.
(Andrew is the son of my older brother, Ron.)

Shalea, holding Ayden, Preston, their son Ki (Ayden's father).

How did those little ones at the kids' table grow up so quickly? Granddaughter, Dominique, her boyfriend, Ty, granddaughter, Kathryn (in red), grand-nephew Nicholas, Dakota (Devin's girlfriend) and grandson, Devin.

 Devin and his nephew, Ayden.

Bud calls this picture he took his hippy chicks. Great-granddaughter Lily and
granddaughter, Deise. (Lily's mom, Alyssa, and Deise are first cousins.)

Standing, niece-in-law, Tina, nephew, Andrew and daughter-in law,
Shelly. Seated in front, sister-in-law, Susan and her Dad, Karl.

Kathryn and her Aunt Kari.

In back, in black, son-in-law, Ken, my brother, Les, granddaughter-in
law, Paullina, holding great-grandson, Jack and Sawyer's back.

Brad, Rodney, Evan, holding his daughter, Lily and her mom, Alyssa.

Great-grandson, Rodney, his parents, granddaughter Katrina and her fiance, Brad.

The cake Susan brought for our Christmas in July!


  1. That was such a fun day! There really was something so silly and enjoyable about having full-on Christmas on a sweltering summer day.

  2. Great pics! Even though I was struggling that day, it was a bit of fun.